Tear of Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie

Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

The tricky diplomat gave us a first blood. Asian Grande y Felicísima Armada have ruled the eastern equatorial. She once had fallen into revenge of the GB, now re-stand up.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

République Française

The true and honest friend of every one. He keeps going on the royal way on this chaotic game. The besided storms bothered him not, bring him upon the cloud instead.

The Great Kingdon does not have permanent friends, only permanent interests.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom needs three hands in Asia, which can hold Hongkong, Malaya and India. She lost her hands step by step, bitter and bitter. Finally she becomes a new queen of the mid-kingdom.



Fully dejavu. He represented how the Shingoku took Korea and dropped into the black hole call Manchiu. He is discouraged and dispointted with irrational neiborghs, then forgot who started the fire.

We the People

United States of America

Bulldog never look behide. She landed Taiwan, then faced south China Sea. Totally innocent with her homeland. Finally, she gave up thinking, become an isolatist.



A puppet with no true friend. Struggled in the conspiracy wolves, then she dispeared.

Scratch a Russian, You Get a Tartar.


He, the two heads eagle, goes to the west secretly and the east violently. By only selves strength, he have swallowed the Manchiu, Mongolia, and Xingjian. Although his leg was grabbed by the Asians, he still can sleep smilely with the diamond of England Queen.

experimental CLass in National Taiwan Normal University

Performance by Hsuanlei Shao

Economics, Politics, and Diplomacy Simulation