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Economics, Politics, and Diplomacy Simulation (Asia Ver.)

To do is to believe

Why Shall We Simulate in Class.

This class, "Simulation of the East Asia Politics and Economics (at Dept. DEAS, National Taiwan normal University)", presents a pioneering practice in integrating a simulation game, Diplomacy as a pedagogical tool to introduce international relations (IR) theories. Through the class, we specifically verify the Strategic Triangle Theory, one of the most influential theories on Cross-Strait Relations among the Taiwanese IR academics. Findings demonstrate that half of the results encountered in the game are applicable to the prediction of theory. We argue that the game itself can provide an ideal opportunity for students to reconsider IR theories—in our case, the Strategic Triangle Theory—in terms of validity, and opening a window for theoretical reflection. In addition, we reaffirm some previous studies of North America that Diplomacy can serve as a useful tool in international relations education; by which our participants in their feedback form expressed an increase of their learning motivation and an improvement of their conceptual understandings, after the game engagement. This type of education contributes to a valuable innovation as well as offering implications in teaching and situated learning.

Class learder, Dr. Hsuanlei Shao

He is a Ph.D., an associate Prof., the Department of Eastasia Studies (DEAS), National Taiwan Normal University(NTNU). He works on digital humanities/ social science research. He can do "textmining(Eng, Chn, Jpn), Deep learning/AI, Field-studies, R/python/html programming". He loves to explore knowledges. He has an opened mind and wish to cooperate with any fields scholars. email: hlshao2@gmail.com

You see how the leader discuss, negotiate, and decide.

Watch their faces and words. Can you tell who are the friends, and who enemies?

Reality Interactivities.