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The United State

At a time when the Asia is building a more mature security and economic architecture to promote stability and prosperity, U.S. commitment there is essential. It will help build that architecture and pay dividends for continued American leadership well into this century-- and continues to do so.

कितने ही नवयुवक शुरु में निर्दोष होते हुए भी झूठी शरम के कारण बुराई में फँस जाते होगे ।

Republic of India

India has four types of tools at its disposal: military power, potential partnerships with other countries. . ., multilateral diplomacy, and international economic integration.



Taiwan has found itself increasingly at the center of tensions between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. All steps that many fear may lead tensions to boil over into a greater crisis. Are we in a protracted Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis? This virtual panel brought together experts to discuss the security dimensions in the Taiwan Strait and how it fits into the United States’ defense strategy vis-a-vis China and the broader Indo-Pacific region.



Fully dejavu. He represented how the Shingoku took Korea and dropped into the black hole call Manchiu. He is discouraged and dispointted with irrational neiborghs, then forgot who started the fire.



A puppet with no true friend. Struggled in the conspiracy wolves, then she dispeared.

Scratch a Russian, You Get a Tartar.


He, the two heads eagle, goes to the west secretly and the east violently. By only selves strength, he have swallowed the Manchiu, Mongolia, and Xingjian. Although his leg was grabbed by the Asians, he still can sleep smilely with the diamond of England Queen.

experimental CLass in National Taiwan Normal University

Performance by Hsuanlei Shao

Economics, Politics, and Diplomacy Simulation