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Welcome to Hawjeng Chiou's Website 歡迎來到邱老師的網頁 

邱皓政 Hawjeng Chiou, Ph.D.

國立臺灣師範大學 企業管理學系 特聘教授

美國南加州大學哲學博士 (心理計量學)   

Distinguished Professor, Department of Business Administration

College of Management, National Taiwan Normal University

University of Southern California (Ph.D. in Psychometrics)


I am currently a professor of the College of Management at National Taiwan Normal University.  My major interest is in applied psychometrics, particularly for the applications of advanced modeling techniques, such as structural equation modeling, multilevel linear modeling, and mixture/latent class modeling, with substantial areas such as human resource management, organizational behavior, and psychological testing as well as creativity research. Recently I am particultly interested in Bayesian statistics and published one book... 



TEL: +886-2-77493312


Important News

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