Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Research Expertise
Raffaele Rani (2021/12-) Turbulence in the interstellar medium and star formation efficiency in different Galactic environments
Maxime Lombart (2021/10-) Dust coagulation/fragmentation process, computing (Galerkin methods, HPC/GPU, SPH), hydrodynamics, discs dynamics (dust and gas), SPHERE observations
賴彥霖 Ian-Lin Lai (2021/05-) Planetary science, data analysis, and numerical simulation
莊幼玲 Yo-Ling Chuang (2020/04-2020/08) Radio astronomy and molecular spectrum analysis, small Solar System Body, Solar System formation and evolution

PhD Students

Name Research topic
廖紅林 Hung-Lin Liao (2021/09-) Structure formation within molecular clouds
程章銘 Chang-Ming Cheng (2021/09-) Diffusion processes during the star formation

Master Students

Name Research topic
林迺芥 Nai-Chieh Lin (2021/09-) High-performance computing applications in star-forming gas dynamics
沈孟嫺 Meng-Hsien Shen (2019/09-2020/08) Collapse and stability analysis of molecular clouds

Undergraduate Students

Name Research topic
龍毅俊 Ngai-Chun Lung (2022/07-08) Self-similar collapse of radiatively cooling gas
徐筠姍 Yun-Shan Hsu (2022/07-08) Outgassing of dust-gas mixture from icy bodies
李佳倫 Jia-Lun Li (2022/07-08) Correlation between turbulent modes in the molecular clouds and the galactic shear
劉宇軒 Yu-Hsuan Liu (2020/07-2022-02) Magnetically regulated protoplanetary disk formation
李廷軒 Ting-Xuan Li (2020/07-08) Molecular cloud structures