Academic activities


Regular activities

Event Name Hours Venue
TA Group Meeting Tuesday (weekly) 11:00-? B413
CAG regular seminar Thursday (fornightly) 12:20-13:20 S101
Space Lunch Bring your lunch and watch the ExoClock talk series. Will resume in the 2023 spring semster 12:20-13:20 (once per week, days to be determined) B413

Special events

Event Name Date & Time Venue
Special Lecture: Supernovae: Explosion and Nucleosynthesis (Meng-Ru Wu) 2022/01/03 09:10-12:10 B413
Special Lecture: Radio Observation and Data Imaging (Kuo-Sung Wang) 2021/12/15,22,29 18:00-21:00 B413
Special Lecture: Optical Observation and Image processing (Yu-Chi Cheng) 2021/12/10,24 18:00-21:00 B413
Special Lecture: Dimension Reduction Techniques (Ting-Wen Lan) 2020/12/21 09:10-12:10 B413
Special Lecture: Correlation in Astronomy (Yao-Lun Yang) 2020/12/14 09:10-12:10 B413
Special Seminar: Earth's Moon Bombardment History Revealed by Apollo Samples and Crustal Porosity (Ya Huei Huang) 2020/11/19 10:30-11:30 S801-2
Special Lecture: Statistics for Cosmology (Chieh-An Lin) 2020/11/02 09:10-12:10 B413
Special Lecture: Statistics for Cosmology (Chieh-An Lin) 2020/10/26 09:10-12:10 B413


Semester Course Name Hours Venue
111-2 Introduction to Earth Sciences Monday 6-7 / Friday 3-4 -
110-1 Stellar Structure and Evolution Monday 2-4 B413
110-1 Astronomical Observation Thursday 10-B B413
110-1 Introduction to Earth Sciences Wednesday 6-9 -
109-2 Introduction to Astroinformatics Tuesday 2-4 理圖 801
109-2 Introduction to Earth Sciences Monday 6-7 / Friday 3-4 -
109-1 Statistics for Astronomy Monday 2-4 B413
109-1 Introduction to Earth Sciences Monday 6-9 -
108-2 Open Clusters Tuesday 2-4 B413
108-2 Introduction to Earth Sciences Monday 6-7 / Friday 3-4 -
108-1 Advanced Astrophysics Monday 2-4 B413

Conferences and workshops participated by lab members

Conference Name Date City
The Olympian Symposium: Star formation in the era of JWST (Invited speaker) 2023/05/29-2023/06/02 Paralia
Protostars and Planets VII 2023/04/10-2023/04/15 Kyoto
East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2023 2023/02/14-2023/02/17 Taipei
The 2nd NCTS/UCAT/NTHU International Astronomy Winter School 2023/01/31-2023/02/04 Taipei
Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Taiwan (Invited speaker) 2023/01/16-2023/01/18 Tainan
2022 NCTS Annual Theory Meeting: Particle Physics, String Theory, Cosmology, and Astrophysics 2022/12/14-2022/12/16 Taipei
2022 NCTS Physics Forum and Annual Meeting 2022/11/18-2022/11/19 Taipei
Cross-Strait Forum on Radio Astronomy (Invited speaker) 2022/10/24-2022/10/26 Online
The 9th East Asian Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM9) (Invited speaker) 2022/09/26-2022/09/30 Naha
NCTS-ASIAA Workshop: Stars, Planets, and Formosa 2022/08/15-2022/08/19 Taipei
European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2022 2022/06/27-2022/07/01 Valencia
Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Taiwan 2022/01/24-2022/01/26 Taipei
2021 NCTS Annual Theory Meeting:Particle Physics, String Theory, Cosmology, and Astrophysics 2021/12/15-2021/12/17 Taipei
International Summer School on the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies, from the Epoch of Reionization to the Milky Way 2021/07/12-2021/07/23 Paris (Online)
ISM2021: Structure, characteristic scales, and star formation 2021/05/11-2021/05/14 Beirut (Online)
Galactic Centre and Inner Galaxy 2021/02/10-2021/02/12 Heidelburg (Online)
Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Taiwan 2021/01/27-2021/01/29 Taoyuan
High-Energy Astrophysics Winter School 2021/01/18-2021/01/22 Hsinchu
Five Years After HL Tau 2020/12/07-2020/12/11 Paris (Online)
The Magnetic Field Awakens 2020/12/01-2020/12/04 Chili (Online)
Planetesimal formation meeting 2020/11/17-2020/11/20 Brussels (Online)
SFtools-bigdata: 2020/10/27-2020/10/30 Grenoble (Online)
Multiscale Feedback on Galaxy Evolution 2020/10/20-2020/10/22 Hsinchu
ASROC Annual Meeting 2020/09/03-2020/09/04 Taipei
ALMA-IMF large program consortium 2020/05/25-2020/05/29 Paris (Online)
East-Aisan ALMA Science Workshop 2019 (SOC) 2020/02/19-2020/02/21 Taipei
IMF microworkshop 2020/11/18 Taipei
2nd Workshop for Protoplanetary Disks and Exoplanets 2019/12/17-2019/12/18 Taipei
Galaxy Formation and Evolution Across Cosmic Time (Invited speaker) 2019/12/09-2020/12/11 Taipei
From Gas to Stars: The Links between Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation (Invited speaker) 2019/09/16-2020/09/20 York