Ya-Ling Wang Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Excellent Academic Teacher)

Department of Adult & Continuing Education
National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

◆ Psychology Ph.D.

National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan

◆ Visiting Scholar

Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley, USA

◆ Postdoctoral Researcher

Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education,
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Dr. Wang is currently an assistant professor at the department of adult & continuing education in National Taiwan Normal University. Her primary research interest is the psychology of elders' digital learning, as well as social psychology. She is dedicated to applying the theories derived from social recognition and digital technology to adult education and better living. In the field of adult education and learning, learners' self-directed and intrinsic motivation are pre-factors for explaining various conditions of adult learning. Accompanying the increase in older adults' need for and acceptance of digital technology, it is also important to promote informal education and improve the effectiveness of adult learning. Dr. Wang's current research includes promoting older learners to achieve better learning effectiveness and psychological adjustment via digital technology or information media; recently, her research has also focused on promoting intergenerational learning and aging better together via board games.

Dr. Wang has primarily carried out interdisciplinary research integrating older adult psychology and digital learning theories. Her research work has made important contributions to the fields of adult education and digital learning psychology. Many of her studies have been published in SSCI journals, such as Learning and Individual Difference and Educational Gerontology (in the field of adult education), Research in Science Education and International Journal of Science Education (in the field of digital learning). Dr. Wang received the Fulbright Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant in 2012, the MOST Doctoral Thesis Award in 2013, the MOST Postdoctoral Researcher Academic Paper Award in 2016, the MOST Special Outstanding Talent Award in 2018-2020, Ta-You Wu Memorial Award in 2020, Excellent Academic Teacher of National Taiwan Normal University in 2021, and Research Outstanding Award of National Taiwan Normal University in 2021.

Research Interests

◆ Psychology of Digital Learning
◆ Psychology and Digital Learning of Older Adults
◆ Educational Data Analysis
◆ Social Psychology

Academic Awards

Academic Services