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我們對物種的演化歷史有興趣, 使用親緣樹作為詮釋物種多樣性, 生態, 行為與分化的架構. 目前主要研究的昆蟲類群有角蟬, 豆娘, 鍬形蟲, 球背象鼻蟲, 金龜子,和蜘蛛。



臺師大誠徵研究助理一名 新 !
【實驗室地址/主持人】台北市文山區汀州路四段88號 國立台灣師範大學生命科學系 /林仲平 教授
【薪資待遇】碩士級助理約 37,000/月,勞健保;薪資隨年資、表現與經驗調升。
【其他】 依計畫類型有時需野外採集與調查,有機會接觸大自然與各種動植物、昆蟲。


TheScientist 2018/12/03
徵 2019 TIGP 博班生2名, 研究主題: 豆娘種化與象鼻蟲警戒, 網路申請期限: 2019/01/31
Not all warning colouration signals toxicity
徵 2018 TIGP 博班生2名與暑期實習生3-4名
申請需知 PDF
徵 2016暑期田野小幫手
PhD Position and Scholarship in Insect Speciation on Islands, March 31th, 2016
The Systematics & Evolutionary Biology Lab at the Department of Life Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in Taipei, Taiwan is seeking a self-motivated and enthusiastic PhD student to work on comparative phylogeography of ecological speciation on Asian continental and oceanic islands.
The Project:
This research project will analyze the speciation mechanism of endemic freshwater insects between Taiwan and Yaeyama Islands of Japan (oceanic island), and between mainland Asia and Hainan Island (continental island). Several insect species are endemic to these islands and show adaptation to novel environments (ecological speciation) between islands. See a damselfly example, Lee & Lin 2012.
The project will generate sequence/genomic data from multiple individuals of selected endemic species of the islands. First, phylogenetic and population genetic analyses will be used to infer the process of speciation between species pairs on the islands. Second, the level of intrinsic reproductive isolation between species pairs will be measured through crossing experiments. Third, the strength of natural selection between species pairs will be accessed through field studies of fitness components. Lastly, through the analysis of genome-wide DNA polymorphism of target species, the genomic regions and candidate genes underlying ecological speciation will be uncovered. International students with an interest in studying tropical island biology are encouraged to apply.
Funding includes a competitive monthly stipend of NT$34,000 (US$ 1,133) for up to 3 years for both domestic and international students through the TIGP Biodiversity, Taiwan International Graduate Program - Biodiversity, a jointed graduate program between NTNU and Academia Sinica. Students are also eligible for on-campus housing during the years of their studies.
The position is open to all applicants that meet TIGP admission criteria, but preference will be given to students with a master degree or prior experiences in phylogenetics, population genetics and insect biology. Criteria/material used to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications for the admission: TIGP BIODIV Admission
How to apply:
Interested candidates should email (1) a CV, (2) a list of prior experience and publication, (3) three references (contact info & e-mails), and (4) a one-page statement of research interests in one PDF file to Chung-Ping Lin ( with the subject line "TIGP application – Island Speciation".
Additionally, candidates should submit a formal online application for admission in Taiwan International Graduate Program Application On-Line, 2016. Deadline for applications through the online portal is March 31st for a September 2016 start.
Web pages:
The Systematics & Evolutionary Biology Lab
The Department of Life Sciences
National Taiwan Normal University
TIGP Biodiversity Program Website
Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica


實驗室提供大學部學生專題和碩博士生研究機會。可能的題目有: 1.角蟬生物學 2.島嶼昆蟲生物多樣性 3.豆娘翅膀變異,適應,與種化 4.鍬形蟲打鬥行為與大顎演化 5. 菲律賓群島昆蟲分化模式 6. 球背象鼻蟲適應與分化。意者請寄訊息至林仲平老師: 或洽老師辦公室 (師大公館校區理院大樓B309)。
最後更新: 2020/02/17