About the PI

Yueh-Ning Lee

2019/08- Assistant professor, Departmenta of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University
2020/10- Deputy director, Center of Astronomy and Gravitation, NTNU
2017-2019 Postdoctoral researcher, Insititut de Physique du Globe de Paris
2014-2017 Ph.D. in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Paris Direrot University/ DAp, CEA Saclay
2013-2014 M.Sc. in Astronomy and Astrophysics, ENS Paris, Observatory of Paris

I am an astrophysicist. My main interest is to understand how star forms from the diffuse medium, which we call the molecular cloud. Stars are fundamental building blocks of the universe, and one of their key characteristics is their mass. The process though which stars acquire their mass involves multiple physical mechanisms such as gravity, thermal pressure, turbulence, magnetic field, radiation, and cosmic rays. I perform numerical simulations of stellar cluster formation and try to understand how mass is distributed into individual stars. I also do detailed simulations of collapse of prestellar cores to understand the formation of individual stars.