Ji-Lung Hsieh
Assistant Prof. of Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies at National Taiwan Normal University
CS, National Chiao Tung University
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Research Interests
Data Science, Social Computing, Social Network Analysis, Data Visualization, News Mining, EyeTracking, Gamer Behaviors, Mobile Sensing, Lifelogging, e-Map Readings, Time and Society, Social media
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2015 FALL, Web Page Designs (Undergrauduate)
- Webpage language basic: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, fullpage.js, jQuery, JavaScript
- Data Presentation: d3.js, Google Fusion Tables, ...
- Link to course website
2015 FALL, Studies on Network Technology (Graduate)
- Eyetracking on news, e-maps, scientific readings, comics, ...etc.
- Using Eyetribe eyetracker + an open source software Ogama as gaze analyzer
2015 SPRING, Programming for Social Scientists, Using Python
- Basic skills: Counting, Summation, Classification
- File operation: Reading and formating json, csv, text, and network structures
- Analysis: network, statistics
- Visual display: Matplotlib, integrating with d3.js, Google map, and Google Fusiong Tables
2015 SPRING, Digital Publishing
- ePub, iBook authors, and InDesign folio and overlay

Recent Projects
Mobile Sensing as lifelogging tools
- Validating how participants respond to survey on mobile phone usage
- How does the use of cellphone be embedded in our daily life?
- Collections of eye tracking exps
- How do people self-allocate themselve on map and space?
- How do readers's party tendency affect their online news reading behaviors?
News Mining
- How do we perceive news in daily life?
- How do social media be emerged into Taiwanese daily life?


Social Media on News over 20 years in Taiwan
News about social media were parsed and accumulated since 1990. The curves show number of news monthly, which reveals how the Taiwanese online community were reported or noticed on News. It's insteresting to find that, plurk in Taiwan bursted very soon at post-blog period. However, it seems to be "terminated" by the raise of Facebook, especially the Facebook app "Happy farmer." (i.e., flesh: 肉搜, overuse: 低頭族)

Visual Cases DEMO

Map Design DEMO
Both cases were made by Google Fusion Table for the 2015 Fall course "Webpage design". Similar methods can be found at this blog article.
Air Quality Index (PM2.5) Map 2015/12/14, 21:24 - Full version
Population Density map (End of Dec. 2014) - Full version

Network Visualization

Recent keywords Co-occurrence network of Health Science
Keywords of papers published in SSCI-indexed health and medical related journals. Data collected from 2000 to 2012 (See a larger version).
Only high co-occurrence keywords were retrieved in the case (at least 5 times)

HighCharts testing

Taipei population changes by districts since 1992 to 2014
Data collected from Monthly Bulletin of Interior Statistics provided by Ministry of Interior of Taiwan. Data was visualized by HighCharts.
The case is a demostration case for 2015 Fall Webpage Design course for undergraduate students.