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Since 11/13/2017


    Welcome to the Atomic Force Microscopy Lab at the Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University.
    Our research interests mainly focus on the physical properties of novel nano-materials, with a recent emphasis on the nano-mechanical, nano-tribological and nano-electrical properties of 2D materials and conducting polymer with nanoscale dimension. Due to the advancement in nanotechnology, nano-materials have become promising building blocks for the micro and nano-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS or NEMS), which may revolutionize our life in the near future. Due to large surface to volume ratio, for nanomaterials employed in MEMS or NEMS as moving components, the deformation, friction, lubrication and wear between their surfaces will need to be controlled for optimal device performance. As a result, a fundamental understanding about the correlation between nano-mechanical, nano-tribological and nano-electrical properties of materials at the nanoscale is highly important for real applications.

   In our lab, we use Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) based techniques to investigate the physical properties of nano-materials. With force sensitivity as small as pico-Newton and current sensitivity as tiny as femto-ampere, we are able to explore the nanoscale world with high precision and unravel the secrets of nano-materials.   



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